Friday, September 9, 2011

Whatttttt!! No pictures?!

An art update is coming super soon, I'm going to use the scanners at school this weekend! Speaking of school, my first week just ended and I am SO SO SOOO (did I emphasize that enough?) excited for the following four years! I feel as though being at Sheridan is what I've needed for a long time. Being in a building with so many other talented people is pumping me up. I feel ,dare I say... INSPIRED!

Here's a photo my good friend Andrea ( took this summer! It's (in order) me, Mary ( and Chris ( I miss these buggers. :(


  1. Whaaa!! I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying Sheridan so far, man! :D Enjoy the trip and learn as much as you can!


  2. YEAH, it's amazing, I love every one of my profs, which is a first! I already love all the first projects as well. It's a dream come true!

    but ahem, I have a few things to ask you. Prepare yourself.

    1) WE SHOULD MEET UP SOME TIME! I keep seeing your art in the display cases at school and I'll point them out to my friends and be like "LOOK AT THIS AMAZINGNESS!" they probably think I'm your number one fan (I sort of am). This questions seems less like an ask and more like a demand since it's in caps..

    2) Do you happen to be one of the life drawing tutors? I'm really really considering getting tutored, and I'd be happy with anyone but I was thinking...maybe Nicole is a tutor! :O

    AND last but not least!

    3) I went to the school today and scanned all my pages in room ...a264 (I believe) but there was no internet there to get them I put them on the g drive and tried in the big computery area with no luck. Is the only way to get those images off the computers with a usb thingy (I'm buying one tomorrow)...or am I just not understanding something simple!

    Sorry to bombard you with all of this!


    YOU POST MORE TOO! I know you draw like crazy all the time!

  3. Yeah, man!! I loved the profs and assignments from first year, too! They're beyond amazing <3

    LOL D-duuude D': *embarassed* I have Fridays off every week, so maybe we can settle to meet up during one of your breaks? What times are you free? :D
    And yeah! I'm also gonna be a tutor this year. I talked to Thurman and he said that so far I'm the only one tutoring first year, which is kind of... not good LOL oh well ;;;; I really hope that I don't dissapoint ;;

    I think that all computers in the A building don't have internet connection, so yeah... D: The best and only thing you can do is scan and save on your USB, which can get annoying after a while. But I do it too so I understand how you feel, man. ;__;

    I wish that I drew all the time!! I'm the laziest artist on earth, so it's hard for me to put updates LOL
    Bawwwgawww, I love your sketches so much <3

  4. Oh poop! Fridays are my busiest day I'm at the school from 10 to 6. I fear that if I hung out after and wanted to draw I wouldn't be capable...I'd probably end up looking like my drooling dog character.

    Ahaha SCORE, so you're a tutor and the only one? Are you prepared to teach this pupil? Don't be silly there's no way you'd dissapoint, plus I can only go up from the skill level I'm currently at. But, you'll soon find that out! Ha!

    Also, that's okay since I went out and bought a usb today. I should be able to update tomorrow now. :D

    I do believe that ALL artists are super lazy, at least I don't feel so alone now! ...I should be drawing right now, but the internet is the ultimate distraction.


  5. Ohh shoot, is that so? D: Hmm.... Except for Fridays... I have Tues 2-5pm, Wed and Thurs 12-2pm that are also free. >_o Dang scheduling.

    But dude!! If you're still up for the tutoring thing, we can just meet each other by then! LOL

  6. Oh I realized on fridays I have two hours inbetween my class so from 4 to 6.

    I am still up for tutoring for sure! It's dire!!