Tuesday, December 6, 2011


In character design class we had to choose our favourite artist and create a new character imitating their style as closely as possible. I've had an art crush on Gipi for a couple of years now, so this was a dream assignment. Check him out. http://giannigipi.blogspot.com/  and google images too. A lot of the Gipi images other than my character design pages are heavily referenced from his comics to get a hang of his style.Then there's other random things I've been doodling thrown in here as well.


  1. post these on your tumblr!!! I love all of this! AHHH!!!!!

  2. I feel weird putting my stuff on tumblr, nothing ever seems polished enough, you know? However once I become a photoshop queen, I will post way more often. Also thanks for always being so supportive man, it makes me feel like drawing even more. :)

  3. Very nice Pen works. I would love to see more!